About the Project:
Client: University of Art and Design Linz / Fashion & Technology
Year: 2017
Production: Donaumedia

Concept/ DIR: Fashion & Technology Team, Michael Rusam
DOP: Michael Rusam

One of my favorite projects of all time, this one is really hard to explain, without having been there. its a 8k stereo 3d projection on a very large front wall and parts of the floor. i had the plaesure to create all the sequences that involve an industrial robot. i used singleshot timelapse photograpy with 2 synced mirrorless cameras, which were synced to the stepped movement of the robot…….yeah, the whole thing took a while to make….:-)

then, i combined those stereo 3d robotsequences with all the other stuff, synced it all to a soundtrack and the length of the live catwalk performance, and booooom, there it was….:-)

it was a bit of a tough nut to crack, but the result was stunning, its a pity it cannot be shown properly except for the location it was designed for.